Get produce grown locally in your city.

Container Farming Solutions produced for local restaurants, local grocers, and the community.

The next biggest
"Green" movement...

Don’t miss this once-of-a-lifetime opportunity.

Here is an incredible opportunity to bring better health and more jobs to the Greater Puget Sound Area.

No Pesticides

Say goodbye to pesticides and herbicides.

Less Pollution

Less carbon emissions and transportation pollution.

100% Local

Olympic Greens™ fresh produce, grown locally in your city.

Longer Shelf Live

Say hello to produce that will stay fresher longer.

Growing the freshest chemical free produce as close to the table & end consumer as possible.

Container Farming Solutions.
For locals, by locals.

Our vision will include a retail store inside the front 10% of the building with a glass wall to divide the retail store from the other 90% of the warehouse, where all the food is produced. This gives us retail consumer exposure while still banking on large wholesale distribution contracts. A balance of both retail and wholesale are important but starting out, we think higher volume at lower price per unit would be a safer bet in the beginning phase of this business.
Imagine you’re walking into this retail store and it feels like a Trader Joes or a Central Market.

Own a restaurants or local business and looking to offer even more fresh and tasty food?
We are the right partner for you. The freshest of the fresh produce.

Fun facts about an Olympic Greens container farm!

gallons of H2O used per day
sq ft. produces more than 3.5 acres of traditional farming
plants grown in one container
kWh total power consumption per day

Our produce on the shelves didn’t come from 3,000 miles away, didn’t create a lot of water waste, isn’t covered in chemicals, didn’t create a large carbon footprint, etc.

Now imagine that lettuce is on the shelf and you read that the product came from box number 3 behind the glass wall less than an hour ago and grown by the hands of someone from your neighborhood who deserved a meaningful job!  That’s what we want to create in our area and eventually set a new standard for produce production across the country.

Olympic Greens™

Looking for more information? Interested in being an investor? Want to be involved?

Shoot us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

30-Day Money-Back
Guarantee ✅

Ever feel doubts in your mind when trying to pick a new service partner?
That’s why we offer A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with our work, we’ll gladly provide you a refund!
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